Asset Management Group

GL-Inves Asset Management Group has established a vigorous investment stage to offer reliable and dependable value to its stockholders. Our group handles and administers a series of funds across debt and equity asset programs and has a supply reach that covers more than 10 cities directly in Europe, Asia and the United States and has an indirect existence in over 15 countries worldwide. The lean structure permits you to work across functions and get exhaustive and comprehensive exposure of the business.

GL-Inves Securities

Our GL-Inves Equities group is acknowledged for its ground-breaking part in institutionalizing the idea of equity research in Europe and has been one of the principal equities broker for organized stockholders serving to worldwide financial establishments financing in universal equities. We are empaneled with over 150 institutional clienteles across Southeast Asia, United Kingdom and the United States. A systematic and exhaustive research-based method remains to persist the corner stone of its corporate model.  

Infrastructure Fund 

GL-Inves Infrastructure Fund Group is an infrastructure funding unit accountable in carrying out the financial support with the following significant sectors: renewable power, roads, transmission, telecommunication towers and social set-up.

Management Investment Coordination 

GL-Inves’s Management Investment Coordination Group is formed to manage and coordinate the numerous development activities being pursued by the corporation. Its objective is to safeguard and guarantee that Corporate Social Responsibility activities are expertly and intimately intertwined into the material of the SGIE’s corporate strategy and guarantee that the company meets its fundamental objective of generating value for all shareholders.

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