Our Team

GL-inves has a knowledgeable equity wealth markets group that supports our customers in their overseas funds-raising activities such as Primary Public Offerings, Ensuing Public Offerings, Rights Matters, Competent Institutional Assignments, Privileged Allotments and Foreign Currency Changeable Bonds. We also support our customers in executing numerous strategic activities such as buyback, delisting and open suggestions and propositions.


With a history of several worldwide capital market dealings, our equity wealth markets group has managed a diversity of transactions across several main sectors such as automobiles, marketing, engineering, broadcasting and entertainment, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, power, financial services, telecommunications and Information Technology, among others.


We pride ourselves on being well-organized stockholders and we want to be recognized for following our investment objectives and keeping on accurate to our investment method, irrespective of market movements.

GL-Inves has established robust associations with stockholders, including important private equity capitals, venture resources, hedge capitals and institutional stockholders. Founded on our understanding of their funding preferences and functional styles, we are able to tactically target these resources. A well-informed group of specialists with profound-domain understanding guarantees privacy, competent implementation and quick reversal periods.

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