Investment Company on Infrastructure Financing 

Founded in 2004, GL-Inves is an international investment company based in Berlin, Germany. Since its foundation, GL-Inves has built on our vision to be the 'one company' that looks after the diverse needs of infrastructure development worldwide, with emphasis in Europe, United States and Asia. Whether it is funding provision for infrastructure projects and amenities, adding value through groundbreaking products to the infrastructure value chain or capital preservation of current infrastructure projects, we focused on backing corporations and businesses to get the greatest yield on investments. Also, GL-Inves has funding in varied businesses such as asset administration both public and private markets, Established Brokering and Infrastructure Debt account.

Our Vision

We aim to be the greatest well-thought-of financial service provider that reaches out to millions of people worldwide through various financial institutes and organizations we cooperate and associate. We want to live up to the expectations of our clienteles, our people, our stockholders and communities at large.

Our mission is to generate continuing and enduring value for all our shareholders by being an active and client-centric organization offering and delivering monetary amenities through our sector-specialized groups.

Corporate Principles

Our fundamental principles are predisposed by our past, strengthened by our present and will form our future.
They are the mixture of what we stand and what we require and need to be:


We stay poised by being determined but grounded, risk taking yet cautious as well as we not only plan but also implement.


We cooperate by working together, proactively sharing statistics, thoughts and answers.


We are motivated with high emphasis and energy to continuously delight clienteles.


We are truthful, transparent to all shareholders and bring what we ably capable with.



Why Work With Us?

Our varied dealings offer you an extraordinary prospect to work, learn and develop at GL-Inves. We inspire our personnel to move across the functions, business units and have confidence in that our company flourishes only if our workforces nurture. We endeavor to be the fashion-setter rather than a supporter in all our dealings. Our effort is to distinguish and bring an exceptional and inimitable knowledge and, in the procedure, generate, tap and influence new-fangled marketplaces.

We are a worker-friendly group at the fundamental and plan our benefits, rewards and inclusive strategies and guidelines keeping personnel at the epicenter. Our credence is that women and men correspondingly matter to the bottom line of SGIE and are proud of our good physical shape gender-varied staff and employees in the company. 

Emphasis on Investment

Since every stockholder has diverse objectives, we offer an extensive variety of investment strategies that can be united to help offer and deliver the results stockholders need. Our strategies are managed by focused investment groups encompassed of more than 15 investment authorities around the globe, specifically in Europe, Asia and the United States. These groups are reinforced by an autonomous risk management group to guarantee investment risks are improved and enhanced, and not only abated and lessened.

Our manifold manager structure at GL-Inves brings together dedicated investment groups with diverse styles to offer customers a complete variety of investment abilities and competences. To give customers around the world access to our finest products and philosophies, our investment groups are buoyed by a worldwide platform that embraces laborious compliance and dynamic risk administration. 

Universal View Shaped
by European Knowledge

To achieve your determinations and desires, you require on-the-ground knowhow. To make the maximum of that knowledge, you require the monetary strong point and resources of a worldwide player. In GL-Inves, you get together.

We’re a known groundbreaker in universal financing, having launched one of the considerable worldwide mutual funds over 10 years ago. At the moment, our universal footprint extents more than 20 states and countries, with emphasis in Europe, Asia and the United States. 

Strength and Knowledge
Gained Over

We have the forte that emanates with magnitude as well as the perception that originates from more than a decade of financing knowledge and involvement. We preserve a longstanding viewpoint in all we do and operate our business with the identical level of discipline we apply to asset administration. As a consequence, our credit assessments are among the uppermost in the industry.

Our business is differentiated by customer category and topography having over 65% of our sales are derived from Europe, Asia and the United States. We also sustain considerable liquid cash and funds which give us the suppleness to finance in ongoing modernization for our clienteles. We have confidence in these features make us a model enduring associate in asset administration. GL-Inves has also been reinforced through our pledge to putting customers first, functioning with truthfulness, structuring associations, and attaining quality outcomes. This customer-centric method has earned us the status of being one of the most reliable companies in asset supervision and administration. 

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